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Letter From Mayor Jim Coleman
- March 13, 2020


March 26, 2020 Message from Mayor Jim Coleman


Pre-emptive State of Emergency for South River



I am giving you this information update, as Your Mayor, on behalf of the Council of South River.


We have made several decisions on your behalf in order to deal with the impending worldwide, worsening threat of COVID 19. We firmly believe that we should be as prepared as we possibly can to deal with any sign of an outbreak in our community.


We have closed all public buildings. We have staff working from home on their computers; our municipal office has one person on duty to deal with concerns over public services; arena staff are busy working individually to refurbish the building for the summer ice season and our public works crews have been assigned individual tasks that permit them to maintain a strict code of physical distancing. Our Fire Department are ready and available for duty as required. This past Monday was our first fully electronic Council meeting. At that meeting Council extended the due date for the first installment tax bills to April 30th and July 31st.


The next few weeks are going to be very challenging for us in any number of ways. I believe it is my responsibility as Mayor to follow the lead taken by both our Federal and Provincial Governments and have made the decision to declare a state of emergency for the Village of South River.


This gives the necessary authority to our Emergency Control Group. Their responsibility is to enact any and all emergency help and assistance for our citizens by implementing the Village of South River Emergency Plan. The priorities in this case would be the provision of health care and adequate supplies to deal with any outbreak of COVID 19 in our community. They are empowered to draw on other resources if required.


Making the pre-emptive declaration of a state of emergency in South River will provide more time for the Emergency Control Group to prepare for any decisions and actions that have to be made quickly and efficiently if a sudden outbreak occurs. The Emergency Control Group is now fully electronic and has been meeting regularly since March 12th to discuss the threat of COVID 19 and will meet as often as necessary. Public updates will be provided on a weekly basis or more often as required. I know we all don’t have computers and internet but please follow our website and Facebook page as they are the fastest ways to receive local detailed information. If you haven’t already please sign up for our Code Red service on the Fire Department website to receive emergency alerts directly to any phone.

 Your role as citizens of South River in preparing to deal with the COVID 19 is critical. Each person is responsible not only for their own personal health but also for the health of every other member of this community. Please wash your hands, respect others personal space, avoid crowds, cover up your coughs and sneezes and plan some interesting things to do at home. If you could plan less frequent trips out of your safe space to shop or travel in public you would be helping yourself and others to stay healthy. Please don’t forget others who could be spending time alone and reach out to them regularly by phone. They might need some help.


 I would like to thank our healthcare workers, first responders, and all of our businesses and staff for their tremendous cooperation and efforts.




Remember these telephone numbers if you think you might have some of the symptoms related to COVID 19. These people can direct you to where you can receive appropriate care.


Nipissing Parry Sound District Health Unit 1-800-563-2308 Telehealth Ontario. 1-866-797-0000


Thank you very much for your attention. Your cooperation and support will do a lot to keep all of us happy and healthy.


Stay safe,

Jim Coleman



Village of South River


Village of South River Residents and Businesses;

Council has made a decision to financially assist during the COVID-19 pandemic by extending the installment tax due dates of March 31st to April 30th and the June 30th date to July 31st.

If you have dropped off a post-dated cheque for your 1st installment of the interim tax bill, and would like us to hold it and not process this month, please contact the Village office via email at or phone 705-386-2573 to let your request be known before March 31st.

If you have any questions or concerns please email or call during business hours.

Please be patient as we have a number of employees working remotely.  We will return your call or email as soon as possible.

Thank you and stay safe.

The Village of South River Municipal office will be closed to the public as of 4:30 PM Monday March 16, 2020. Bill payments can be made with online banking or deposited in the drop box at the front door. The Village staff continue to operate so please don’t hesitate to call us at 705-386-2573 to access services or request information.



We appreciate your cooperation in keeping everyone as safe as possible.



Dear Residents of South River,

 I am sure everyone is aware the COVID-19 virus is now present in Ontario.  Your Village Council wants to do our part to help slow and stop the spread in our community. For that reason we are taking all the recommended precautions around cleaning, sanitizing and the necessary steps as outlined on the back of this page and encourage you to do the same.

Social Distancing is new to all of us but could be the most important thing we do.  The concept of staying one to two metres apart is not natural to us and will take some effort to learn. Social gatherings particularly where food is being shared is one of the highest risks of spreading this virus. For that reason we are closing our arena and recreation center to the public for the month of March (ed. note The South River Machar Union Public Library Board closed the Library on Saturday March 14 till April 6). You might want to consider paying your bills online as much as possible rather than in-person at places like our Municipal office. Please call us at 705-386-2573 if you need more information about how to pay the Village online. As always please contact us by phone for all other Village services.

 If you are part of an organized group that regularly gets together then we encourage you to take a pause from those activities and look for electronic means to connect if necessary.

 Please exercise care in all you do, be supportive of each other but realize the best way to do that in the short term might be to consider indoor and outdoor activities with just your family.

 Thank you for working together and hopefully we are back to our regular routines soon.

 Jim Coleman, Mayor


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